• House Checklist For Renters

    Do you intend to rent a place to call home? Well, renting is among the best options that you have if you are not fortunate enough to own a home. However, to choose the perfect place to rent, you have to do a research to find out things you need to rank. Your best bet is to use a house checklist for renters.

    This checklist should help you make a sound decision when looking for rental space.

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    1. Security

    Before finding anything else about the property you intend to rent, make sure you find out about the security of the neighborhood. Also find out if there are any security features like cameras installed within the property. If the area is not safe and there are no security features, don’t shy to walk away from that property. You and your property should be secure.

    2. Size

    If you are having children, renting a big space will make more sense because your kids will have enough space to play. On the other hand, if you live alone and you don’t own much, renting a big space will be a waste of money.

    3. Location

    The location of the property you wish to rent can’t be ignored. Is it near your place of work, schools, shopping malls, airports, public transport, emergency services, parking and much more?

    4. Floors

    They type and condition of floors matter a lot when looking for rental property. Ensure they are in great condition before moving in.

    5. Water

    Supply Water is life. So, find out if the rental property has a constant supply of water. No one, including you, should live in a home without a constant water supply.

    6. Bathrooms

    How many bathrooms are there? Are they big enough? Are they in great condition? If they are few, small or aren’t in great condition, don’t think twice about walking away.

    7. Bedrooms

    Are the bedrooms large enough? Do they have closets and shelves to place your items? Well, you spend a lot of your time in your bedroom, so it has to be appealing.

    8. Air Conditioning

    Ventilation is important. If the property has an air conditioning unit, get a specialist to check it out to find potential problems.

    9. Requirements

    Do you meet all the requirements set by the landlord? Find out.

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    10. Cost

    Is the cost of moving and renting too high? If so, you can reconsider your options to find the space you can rent cheaply.


    Walk through the space and look out for any broken or damaged items.


    Lastly, check if the lawn is well manicured.

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