• All You Need To Know About Meat Grinders


    There are some essential tools that one must have in their kitchen – both commercial and domestic. The meat grinder is no exception. This is the perfect tool that is used when grinding meat. Here are some of its advantages

    What you need to know about meat grinders

    Guaranteed safety

    Beef that is already pre-packaged may contain meat from hundreds or thousands of animals. When it is commercially ground, they might not necessarily pick its best parts. As a result, one must be careful when cooking beef that is pre-packaged. If you are unlucky, you might stumble across burgers whose beef contaminated.


    Customize your own flavor

    Unless you have a butcher that knows your specific tastes and preferences, you have no choice but to pick pre-ground beef on the supermarket shelves. There is no way to know what section of the flesh of the animal it came from. The opportunity to grind at home gives you the liberty to select what meat section (alongside fat) go into the grinder.

    Get your desired texture

    Meat that has undergone prior grinding rests in its packaging while being compressed and oxidized gradually. Grinding fresh meat ensures that what you prepare during lunch or dinner is nice and loose. Over the weekend or when friends visit, you can make your own homemade sausages or burgers.

    Parts of the home meat grinders

    Meat can still be ground using a food processor or manually hand-chopped. However, the meat grinder remains the most effective tool to have this done. This information might be helpful when selecting a suitable the best home meat grinder.

    • The pusher and hopper – This is the section where meat cubes are added. It is at this point where meat is forced down the feed tube and promote movement. Extra meat is placed in a tray on top of the feed tube before it is pushed into the grinder. The larger the tray, the easier to grind larger meat batches.
    • The screw – This is the main working part of the grinder. It pushes the meat down the shaft towards the rotating blades.
    • The blade and plate – This section takes part in the actual grinding. The blades are small cross-shaped pieces with sharp edges on either arm that rotate against the plates. The plate is a flat perforated piece of metal. The screw compresses the meat into this hole while the blades mince it up. The hole size determines how fine your grind will be.
    • The cover – As the grinder operates, the covers ensure that the plate and blades remain in check.
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    Grinding meat is not a complicated process. Once you understand how the machine works, the rest is self-explanatory. There are however a few things that one must consider before beginning the process. Ensure that you get the right meat-to-fat ratio. This affects its texture, taste, and coarseness. The most common blend is the 80/20 meat-to-fat ratio. For those preparing lamb, pork or beef, the best section is always the shoulder. This area has the perfect meat-to-fat balance on the inner and outer muscles. This makes it healthier and delicious when ground.

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