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    How To Make Money In Real Estate With No Money Or Credit (3)

    How To Make Money In Real Estate With No Money Or Credit

    Having money or credit certainly makes it easier to close deals, but it is certainly not a prerequisite for investing in the real estate business. Most people believe that to make money in real estate you have to have some money or at least credit, but this is entirely not true. It sounds too good to be true, but it is indeed possible to invest in the real estate business without having or using money of your own. Below is how to make money in real estate with no money or credit.

    1. Use private moneylenders or private money.

    While you do not have to have money of your own to deal in real estate and property, cash is the oil that lubricates the parts of the transactions. Look for private investors who are interested in putting their money in the real estate industry. If you convince them that there is a great opportunity to invest their hard-earned money, then they will trust you with their money.

    How To Make Money In Real Estate With No Money Or Credit (2)2. Partner with others

    To partner with other businesspersons when you have no money, you have to demonstrate that you are bringing something of real value to the table. Have a strong business plan backed by solid exit strategies. In addition, having a successful track record can help you close huge business deals. Many investors out there are willing to fund you 100% if you prove to be of real value to them and their money.

    3. Locate big deals worth a lot of money

    If you have the connection and can find incredible deals, then investors will be fighting to fund your great deals.

    4. Buy and sell contractsHow To Make Money In Real Estate With No Money Or Credit (1)

    Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to own property in order to make money from it. In fact, wholesale dealers purchase and sell contracts and not properties. All you have to do is locate your target property and sign purchase contracts with the prospective seller. Next, market and assign that property to a buyer for a small fee, which can be a few hundred dollars or tens of thousands of dollars (if you are dealing in commercial property).

    Depending on your investment strategy, you can profit from a property without necessarily owning it. Knowledge is power and the information you need is out there. Find the funding you need to lubricate’ your transactions and get your real estate business going without money or credit. Real estate moguls who have made it in the business just had the right information, the right connections, and the right strategies.